Saturday, April 9, 2011

Cat and Dolphins playing together

Bear! Would you look at this. This is a really brave cat! Who knew fish got so big? What's the biggest fish you've ever seen Bear? Do you play with dolphins?

Any other cats out there with fish stories?

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  1. Mrr-mraow! (That's my speak for laughing out loud.) I just made Mom come over to your site so that I could paste a link to this for YOU! Jeez, we must be some great-minded felines, huh, Smoke?

    I like her stripes, kind of similar to mine. I've never seen one of these light-colored smilers, but once I was sitting in my Dad's lap looking out the window and saw an enormous black mountain come up out of the water next to us. When I looked at Dad and asked, he said it was a whale.

    Pretty funny, Smoke - thanks for thinking of me! Hope you have a good week, get some naps in sunbeams and good stuff like that.