Thursday, March 31, 2011

Bear is Beautiful

I've got a new paw pal, Bear the Boat Cat. She lives on a fishing boat in Alaska. Her human writes a blog called Hooked where you can see her picture and a happy photo of her humans holding huge wild king salmon. Now I need to talk to Bear.

Bear, I love your name. Bears were so popular here in California that there is a picture of one on the State flag. So popular that hunters about decimated all the grizzlies, killed em dead. Fortunately you've still got a bunch in your neighborhood. But I don't think I'd like to run into a grizz.

I know I wrote that I hate cats on my profile, but just the ones that come into my house and steal my food. There are a couple of feral cats around, mean suckers, so mean they have made me bleed, so yeah--don't mess with my food. My human, CJ, leaves the back door open a lot and in they come. One even came in the windown once. It's not that I can't catch my own food, it's just the principle, you know. Probably not, since you don't have to put up with other cats.

A cage at the pound? I can't even imagine! OMG, with DOGS! I did spend one weekend at a kennel when CJ was getting the house fumigated. I was howlin' when she left and still howlin' when she came to fetch me. (You know she's alergic and I set off so much dander in my fury that she had an asthma attack.) Don't think I'll have to go back though--not that they would have me.

I've only ever had canned fish, the catfood variety, but fresh fish hearts sound tasty. I had fresh gecko for breakfast (caught it myself) plus canned salmon catfood.

What's it like living on a boat? Does it make your motor run?

Meow back atcha...

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