Monday, March 14, 2011

For the Birds, Tasty Tidbits

Hi Isabelle,

So you like my birds? They make me kinda hungry. You should hear it here. We’ve got so many songbirds it’s like a predawn symphony, with an ol’ hooty owl keeping tempo in the background.

I heard the birds are all gone in London, so said a British girl who moved to Los Angeles and carried on about how wonderful it was to hear birdsong again. CJ was in London Town a long time ago, like nine lives, and said mostly there were pigeons. I’ve never seen a pigeon. CJ says they look a bit like quail but not as pretty. We’ve got more quail around here than you could shoot a gun at, but I’ve never caught one, too skitterish.

I did catch a bunny rabbit the other day. Brought it into CJ’s room to show her and I think she palmed it. I put it down and it scooted under a chair and just lay there panting. CJ takes a peek and next thing I know, it’s gone. I looked and sniffed around for quite a while, but couldn’t find it.

I don’t get it. Rabbits are vermin too. Somethin’ needs to prey on them or they would take over the world. Just like mice or rats. So how come I can’t eat “cute and fuzzy” bunnies? (Think I just answered my own question.)

Speaking of owls, CJ read Wesley the Owl, even met his wife, this writer Stacey O’Brien from Southern California. The thing I was wondering—is that kosher? I heard a guy named Edward Lear from your neck of the woods, wrote a poem about The Owl and the Pussycat getting married. Any truth to that?  Hey, I’m a cat. I’m curious.


P.S. What’s a bong-tree? Also, CJ was wonderin' if they still call girls "birds" in London?

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  1. Hey Smoke, yes they did get married but I think maybe it was for a lark. I'm not sure what a bong tree is... maybe a tree near a billabong? That would be in Australia and it would be a gum tree (as in Eucalyptus). I lived there for a while and it was nice. Yes they still call girls "Birds" here and not in avery nice way. And there are lots of pigeons that make a mess everywhere. Being French, I like eating bunnies too. Baked in the oven, covered in mustard. Yum. Must check out Welsley the Owl. Bye for now, Isabelle