Monday, March 21, 2011

Purring for Smokey

My friend Isabelle has goldfish swimming on her site, although they aren’t all gold. There’s a yellow one and a black one, and a couple of other colors, five fish total, and if I put my paw on the screen where they are swimming and move it around, they will follow my paw. It is mesmerizing. I can do it for hours and apparently I have been, since this post is kind of late. Isabelle is my one follower so you can check her site if you just click on her picture.

Isabelle lives in the UK where another cat called Smokey is featured in a story in the Daily Mail. Smokey can purr really loud, 92 decibels, as loud as a Boeing 737 coming in for a landing. He’s awful cute too. He’s going out for the Guinness Book of Records for the loudest purr—a real champion—which turns my motor on.
You can hear Smokey purring louder than a lawn mower on YouTube:,AAAAAFSL1bg~,CmS1EFtcMWH6elrIuLojlkMF3t-h_6Ra&bclid=0&bctid=798256085001.

I think my accent is kind of hillbilly country, but Isabelle says she sees me more as a cat with a “lovely drawl and a deep husky voice like Kathleen Turner.” I can do that. I bet Smokey, the world purring champion, would like that too. Romancing the Stone is one of my all time favorite movies. I identify with her independent, adventurous character, a wild cat in the jungle. Plus she plays an author and I like to think of myself as something of a writer—hence this blog.

Isabelle is an actress, French, who spoke (San Fernando) Valley girl when she lived in California and now says that in London, she speaks with a neutral English accent. Actors can do that, they have such a good ear that it’s common for them to fall into the local speech pattern.

I have a good ear too. I can hear sounds too faint for human ears, and sounds higher in frequency than humans can perceive. This is because I’m a born mouser (tasty prey) and have evolved to be able to pinpoint their faint high pitched sounds, or so says Wikipedia. But I don’t speak mouse. Around the house I speak cat, sort of a growling mumble which my human understands pretty good.

What makes you purrr?

P.S. for Isabelle—Can you get me purring Smokey’s email address?


  1. So much for my attempt to post a You Tube video. Sorry about all that garbage in the middle. Sorry you couldn't hear Smokey purr.

  2. Hey Smokey - I don't have the other Smokey's email but I did get hold of her website for you to check out:

    Hasta luego,